We thank all parents and guardians who take the time to join us on field trips as a chaperone. In order to make sure everyone stays safe, we're asking that you follow the following guidelines when on a trip: 

  • Arriving on time the morning of the field trip and be prepared (i.e. if you will eat lunch on the trip, please have your lunch so you do not have to leave the group to buy one)
  • Staying with the group at all times.  Please be prepared to escort the group to and from the school on a field trip and if you have to leave the group at any time during the trip, please let the teacher know
  • Looking after all students in the class, not just your own
  • Following the same directions the teacher is giving to the students; this helps lead by good example
  • In addition, you can help enforce school policies with all children, including your own
  • Treats can be fun but they are a distraction and can be an allergen.  Please do not bring candy or snacks for the children. Souvenirs can also be fun but are not to be purchased on school trips

The teacher will notify chaperones before each trip.  If you do not hear from the teacher, you will have other opportunities to help out in the future.  Please be aware that school field trips are for PS 145 students only, siblings may not attend.  If you agree to chaperone but something comes up, please give the teacher know at least two days notice so he/she can find someone else.  

Finally, please keep your cell phones in your pocket or bag unless there is an emergency.  And as always, please respect each individual child and their personal space, and refrain from drinking, smoking and using foul language.