PS 145 has a comprehensive Performing Arts Program which affords our students the opportunity to discover their creative talents.  

Our Music Teacher Marisha Nikitin is trained in Music and the Brain™, a non-profit program developed by The 42nd St. Development Corp. to offer public school students the tools to learn to read and play music through classroom keyboard instruction. She uses keyboards to help students in Grades K-2 develop their musical skills.  She also offers students in the Upper Grades the opportunity to audition for Honors Chorus and Rock Band.  She also collaborates with the YMCA to offer a course in DJing and mixing digital music.


Our Dance Teacher Mia Robello trains the students in various forms of dance including but not limited to Jazz, Ballet, Tap and African Movement.  Every single student, from Pre-K to Grade 5, has the opportunity to perform in our three shows throughout the school year.