PS 145 Community Standards

With your voice:

• Be kind with other people’s feelings. Never tease, insult, threaten or bully. Never say
anything that may make someone feel badly.
• Tell the truth. It is always better to tell the truth than to lie, even if it means that you might get into trouble.
• Use appropriate language. Never curse, use bad words or make bad gestures.

With your body:

• Be respectful of other people’s bodies. Never hit, bite or kick. Never touch anyone who does not want to be touched.
• Be respectful of other people’s things. Never steal or break anyone’s property. If you want to use someone’s property, ask him or her for permission.
• Take care of your school. Never steal or damage school property. Never write on desks, walls or floors.

With your mind:

Always ask yourself, “How would I feel if someone did that to me?” If your answer is, “I would feel great!” then do it. If your answer is, “I wouldn’t like it!” then never do it.


• Always behave quietly in the halls.
• Always listen to and follow directions given by staff members.
• Always walk in the school…never run.
• Never interrupt students who are working.
• Never bring candy, gum, toys, or wear heelies to school.
• Never bring anything that could be used to hurt someone to school.

When you do not follow the PS 145 Community Standards, you will be asked to solve the problem that you created. You may have to:

• Write a letter of apology
• Lose privileges
• Meet with the Principal, Assistant Principal, or the Guidance Counselor
• Spend time in the SAVE room
• Be suspended

Items not allowed in school will be confiscated, and your family may be contacted.