There are many ways you can be involved in and support your child's education at PS 145. One of the most critical is that we all work together to reinforce the PS 145 Community Standards and communicate the importance of making good choices to our children. When that happens, we all win. If you have a concern about your child’s academic or social experience, please contact their teacher. Early intervention provides the best opportunity to help resolve issues.

Be involved. Keep yourself informed and up to date on what's happening in your child's classroom and at school by attending PA meetings, reading notices sent via our school app and in your child’s homework folder.  Visit this website and our school app to see what events are coming up. 

PA (Parent Association)

Congratulations! You are automatically a member of the PS 145 Parents Association if you are the parent or guardian of a child attending the school. Being a part of this powerful group can be a very enriching experience. We encourage you to take your membership in the PTA seriously and attend PA Meetings so you can contribute to the success of the school and so that your voice is heard.

In addition to meetings, we put on several fundraising and community events throughout the year, with the goal of supporting all students at PS 145. . If you are interested in getting more involved in the PA and organizing school and community events and fundraising for PS 145, consider joining the PA Executive Board.

PA Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Mariela Angulo and Anastasia Rashkova

Vice Presidents:

     Title I: Mia Simring

     Community Involvement: Rae Mercado

     Events & Fundraising: Gulnara Medvedev

Co-Treasurers: Olga Iliachenko and Olga Aksenova

Secretary: Danielle Hartley


Below are the PS 145 PA Bylaws:

 PA of P S 145 M ByLaws.pdf 


Meetings are held in the library. 

Meeting Dates:

Thursday, September 27  8:30 AM

Thursday, October 18  8:30 AM

Thursday, November 8  8:30 AM

Thursday, December 20  8:30 AM

Thursday, January 17  8:30 AM

Thursday, February 28  8:30 AM

Thursday, March 21  8:30 AM

Thursday, April 11  8:30 AM

Thursday, May 16  8:30 AM

Thursday, June 13  8:30 AM

SLT (School Leadership Team)

We also encourage interested parents to run for election to the PS 145 School Leadership Team (SLT). This collaborative team is made up of an equal number of faculty and parents. Members include the Principal, UFT Representative, and PA President (or their appointee) and our Community Based Organization (CBO) representative, in addition to five parent members and three elected members of the PS 145 faculty.

The PS 145 SLT has two primary responsibilities. One is to evaluate the academic needs of PS 145 students and produce a Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) that proposes ways to meet those needs, in alignment with the school budget for the following school year. The other is to monitor whether the current CEP is being implemented, and to ensure that proper resources are allocated to implement the current CEP.  To view the current CEP posted on the DOE Website, click here.


Meetings are held in the Teachers Lounge as follows: 

Meeting Dates:

Thursday, September 27  2:40 PM

Thursday, October 18  7:00 AM

Thursday, November 8  2:40 PM

Thursday, December 20  7:00 AM

Thursday, January 17   2:40 PM

Thursday, February 28  7:00 AM

Thursday, March 21  2:40 PM

Thursday, April 11  7:00 AM

Thursday, May 16  2:40 PM

Thursday, June 13  7:00 AM