4Rs + MTP Overview

The 4Rs (Reading, Writing, Respect & Resolution) Program integrates social and emotional learning into the language arts curriculum, developing students’ reading and writing skills as they learn critical life skills. Coaches from The Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility provide face-to-face training for the teachers to help them provide effective lessons and create a respectful classroom.

The program combines children’s literature and engaging interactive activities. The 4Rs represent the curriculum, and MTP (MyTeachingPartner) represents the coaching model, which is 1:1 support for teachers. Fordham University’s Department of Psychology is collaborating with the participating classroom teachers and consenting students to conduct a randomized controlled research study to examine the impact of the integrated 4Rs+MTP program. Last year,  our school was randomly selected to be a program group in the study, so only the third and fourth grade classes participated in the launch of the program.  They year, the program will expand school wide.  

This program addresses the needs of our students by teaching them the life skills mentioned above that they need to deal constructively with their peers and to manage their own emotions so they can then focus more easily on academics.