Monolingual Programs

General Education

  • A general education classroom is one that is composed of students of whom at least 70 percent are without identified special education eligibility, that utilizes the general curriculum, that is taught by an instructor certified for general education.

Special Education

Integrated Co-Teaching

  • ICT classrooms include students with and without disabilities and have two teachers, a general education teacher and a special education teacher. The teachers work together throughout the day to adapt and modify instruction for your child and make sure the entire class has access to the general education curriculum. Students may be in an ICT classroom all day or for a portion of the day. The number of students with disabilities in an ICT class does not exceed 40% of the total class register or a maximum of 12.

Self-Contained (12:1:1)

  • Self-contained classrooms may have a maximum of 12 students with one special education teacher and up to four paraprofessionals. In a Special Class setting, students must be grouped by similarity of educational needs. The group can contain students with the same disability or with different disabilities as long as they have similar levels of academic achievement and common learning characteristics, management needs, levels of social development and physical development.