The Parent Teacher Association at PS.145

The PS 145 PTA supports the schools administration and faculty to help our kids learn, have fun, and be healthier while at school. We believe one of the keys to a successful school is having the support and active engagement from the families in our community. Our PTA helps coordinate this essential connection, working closely with the school administration and teachers to help shape priorities and decide what support is needed.
The PTA welcomes the participation of all parents. Everyone is invited to regular meetings held by the PTA, typically on once a month on Thursday mornings. See our Facebook page for details on our meeting schedule and the latest news!
The PS 145 PTA performs all of the school’s fundraising, which ultimately support all school activities that are not directly funded by the Department of Education. In addition, the PTA helps organize efforts to apply for and vote on grants for DOE-funded projects. You might be surprised at how many school activities are supported by the PTA! In recent years, the PTA has helped fundraise or coordinate to provide the school with:
  • Teaching assistants,
  • Air conditioners and fridges for classrooms
  • Annual coat drive for kids in shelters
  • IXL Math supplement
  • Scholastic book sales to benefit the school
  • Imagination Playground
  • Weekend craft workshops
  • Tree Planting
  • Lil’ Library
  • Wellness in the Schools
  • New Year’s Around the World, Latin Dance Night & other events
  • Bathroom renovations grant
  • STEM lab grant


The PTA is especially appreciative of those parents who have donated to school programs. A few events a year drive the vast majority of funding for school activities. One of those is our annual auction held annually, typically in May. The other is the direct appeal, which focuses on academic enrichment and support, please contact the co-VPs of fundraising for more information.
Note also that participation rate in funding drives - whether the auction or through other opportunities to donate - is an important factor that affects the school's ability to win grants; please consider giving even just a few dollars, as this may have an outsize benefit for our school.
Donations: parents and other donors can contribute to the PTA any time.
If you have questions or would like to help, please get in touch!
2022-2023 Executive Board
  • Co-Presidents: contact info:

Susan Fulwiler, Rae Mercado, Mashura Akilova

  • Recording Secretaries: contact info:

Hailey Curtis

  • Co-Treasurers: contact info:

Vladimir Kirilin, Deena Schwartz

Jenya Holavach, Blanca Peña, Krissy Holmes

  • Co-Vice presidents (Grants): contact info:

Svetlana Belneva, Ksusha McCormick

  • Co-Vice presidents (Fundraising): contact info:

Laura Balaban, Enzo Perazic, Sasha Stashwick